New Hope Stables Instructor
Carla Thornton Bundy
Hertford, NC 27944
Carla Bundy, owner and operator of New Hope Stables, is a highly experienced professional who has
applied her knowledge and passion for horses to her successful local business of over twelve years.
From seven to fourteen years old, she took riding lessons from several local instructors. Following her
passion to compete on an Olympic level, she began teaching herself dressage and eventing, going on to
win competitions on her own merit. In 1986 at the age of fifteen, she won the recognition of Jane Sleeper
(Olympic Competitor) and was invited to continue her education as her working student, even training
under Patrick Wright (Olympian Trainer) a year later. She continued to ride competitively, eventually
training horses, coaching students, and working with an AQHA World Champion Trainer until she opened
her own stables in 2001.

 She now coaches and trains students of all ages (including adults), skill levels, and riding disciplines.
New Hope Stables has claim to a highly successful riding team that has, over the years, claimed local,
regional, and state championships. Carla believes in acquisition of knowledge outside the dirt covered
ring, teaching her students horse, equipment, and facility care. She even volunteers to lead a local 4-H
club (The High Achievers) in Perquimans County. To give her students and other local riders a place to
compete and exhibit skills, as well as develop a community of riders, she co-founded the Inter-County
Saddle Club Open Horse Show, which she continues to run today.

New Hope Stables continues to expand, moving to a much larger facility in the Fall of 2012. Whether one
rides competitively or just for trails, Carla Bundy coaches a “one-ness”/relationship between horse and
rider as well as encourages a sense of friendship among riders. Now, our larger facility allows for more to
be able to learn under our instructor and join our tightknit community.

“New Hope Stables was not just named after the road that it resides on. Mrs. Carla Bundy also named
her barn New Hope Stables because of the hope that her heart filled with. Hope that not only she can
reach a child but that she can love a horse that is in need of a good home. The barn has grown so much
in the past few years along with the hearts of all the kids, parents, horses and ponies that are involved.  
We feel that New Hope Stables is truly Blessed!”

“Carla has been amazing working with my young children! She has the patients of a saint.
Carla not only provides age and ability level riding lessons, she also teaches the children horse
care and handling.”
– Page McGrath Pierce

“The environment at New Hope Stables is incredibly unique, and her passion and hard work
fuels everyone there. I rode with her for nine years before I left for college, but it’s still my
home away from home. Even from hours away, she still teaches me, cares for me, and
encourages my success. I’ve never met a more qualified and knowledgeable instructor, and I
wouldn’t have chosen anyone else to grow up learning from. Enough credit is not given to those
teachers we have beyond the classroom.”
– Madison Heginbotham

“Carla started pushing my training forward A LOT so that I could be able to handle him
(newly bought Thoroughbred)…So when I worked with him, it was a lot of ground training to
get his respect. Thats a big thing at Carla's barn. Respect from the horse… After a year or so I
was able to finally Canter him with no problem, then jumping..”
—Shannon Britton

“She is more than just an instructor. She connects with children and adults of all ages on how
to ride and take care of horses. No one could ever come close to being as kind, knowledgeable,
and great at teaching ... We all love her!”
– Kaitlyn Sweet

“A year ago I bought my own horse and I trusted Carla on training me and getting my horse
show ready. Even though I… got stressed out, Carla stayed patient with me… Carla made up this
thing where her and I [sic] sit at the picnic table and discuss what I could have done better …  
She knows the right decisions for me and she's made me into a talented rider. One day she's
going to be the reason my dreams have come true.”
– Regan Carlson