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County 4-H
4-H is a fun program where you get to "Learn by Doing." With more than 10,000 established 4-H
programs across North Carolina, you can be a part of 4-H wherever you live. All youth between
the ages of 5 and 19 are invited to join! In 4-H you can go to camp, start a business, ride in a
bike rodeo, take part in an international exchange, raise an animal, create a blog, give a
presentation, participate in a community service project, develop your resume, practice
interview skills, learn about healthy eating habits, build lifelong friendships. Best of all,
membership is FREE! 4-H costs nothing to join, and you are not required to purchase a uniform.
Member expenses are minimal and determined by the club itself. Check out our local 4-H
4-H members competing in the Presentation Contest
What is 4-H????
4-H is a community of young people across America who are learning leadership, citizenship and life skills.
4-H is about having fun, learning, exploring and discovering. In 4-H, young people make new friends, develop
new skills, become leaders and help shape their communities.

More than 208,000 youth get involved in 4-H through community or project clubs, special interest programs,
school enrichment programs, in after school programs, and through our Operation Military Kids program.
These youth live in cities, suburbs, small towns and rural communities.

4-H gives youth a chance to explore their own interests - from photography to computers, from building
rockets to raising animals. A list of 4-H projects is available online by visiting our 4-H Curriculum webpage.
They go places from district retreats to camp, to state and national conferences. They learn to be
outstanding citizens and excellent leaders.

In 4-H, youth learn life skills such as public speaking, decision-making, organizational/planning, leadership,
teamwork, record keeping and communications skills.

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